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Meet Nica

Whilst studying at the London College of Fashion, our senior designer Nica Kim won a competition to intern with handbag specialists Creative Ltd. A dream come true for any young designer, they were so impressed with her designs that they went on to create the Nica brand around her.

Reflecting South Korean born Nica Kim’s unique aesthetic, the brand combines the typically British traits of quality and individuality mixed with an Oriental sense of fun. Whether she’s in vibrant London or the exciting city of Seoul, Nica Kim is always on the lookout for inspiration for her next collection, and you can follow her travels on the blog.

Acquired by TLG Brands in 2009, Nica is now available from a range of UK retailers and stockists worldwide or from our flagship www.nica.co.uk. Nica’s continued success is still owing to its fantastic combination of brilliant design and affordability.