#TravelWithNica - My Budapest Diary

I’ve travelled far and wide but I’ve never got around to visiting Budapest despite it being on my bucket list. I’ve got a real thing for architecture at the moment and with so many friends visiting the Hungarian capital and telling me just how beautiful it is, it was finally time for me to jump on to a plane and see it for myself.

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, I was far from disappointed and found something to inspire my designs around every corner. Legislation keeps its buildings low as a mix of architectural styles from different eras sit side by side. Decorated with everything from unique lanterns to foreign license plates, old buildings don’t go to waste either and many have been transformed into cool ruin bars. A must if you’re visiting.

From palaces to botanical gardens and a host of thermal spas in-between, it’s perfect for a spot of inspiration. When you’re done with all of the sightseeing, my tip is to relax at the Szechenyi yellow baths.  

I’d love to see where you’re taking your Nica bags this summer, so don’t forget to tag your pics with #TravelWithNica. 

Until my next adventure! 
Nica x